The Insurance Connection of Deschutes is dedicated to helping you choose an affordable renters insurance policy that suits your unique needs.

What Is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is a relatively inexpensive policy that contains a group of coverages which are designed to be useful for anyone who rents the home in which they live whether that be an apartment, condo, townhome, single family home or even mobile home.

Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Just about anyone who rents the home in which they live can benefit from renters insurance. It is also recognized as important by landlords so much so that many of them require that you purchase and keep renters insurance as a condition of your lease.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

While the answer to this question may vary slightly by carrier, a renters insurance policy generally contains at least the following core coverages:

Personal Property: This is coverage for your “Stuff”. Everybody has stuff and it’s no fun if something happens to our stuff. Renters insurance can help replace items like our furniture, clothing, electronics, sports equipment etc in the event of a fire, theft, water damage and more. This coverage does contain some limits and exclusions, however, so a quick discussion with one of our licensed, local Bend Oregon agents can help you determine if you may be impacted by any of those.

Loss of Use: This coverage helps pay for expenses resulting from either a temporary or permanent relocation brought on as a result of a covered claim such as a fire. If you are forced from your home in the middle of the night due to something terrible like a fire it’s nice to know that your hotel, meals out and more are on us until you can safely get back into your home. As with any coverage again please consult one of our licensed, local Bend area agents for details, limits and things.

Personal Liability: This is a big one and the reason most landlords require renters insurance. We all know that our landlord most likely has insurance on the home we rent, what most are not aware of though is that if the insurance company has to pay a claim associated with that fire, they will want to know why that claim took place. It is not uncommon for them to point the finger at something the tenant may have done such as an unattended candle, a cooking mishap or any number of things. If they think you had anything to do with why that claim took place they can come after your legally to recuperate their losses in a process called Subrogation. You don’t want to be without renters insurance if that happens. If you have a renters policy in-place with Personal Liability coverage you are in luck. Your insurance provider will go to bat for you (defend you if they don’t agree that you are liable for the damages) and if there is a settlement that you owe they will pay it on your behalf. Have a party and someone is hurt? Personal Liability to the rescue. Fly down the slopes into another skier and hurt them? Personal Liability can help make it all go away. Whether at your home or away from your home you know the saying, sh$# can happen! Personal liability can make things better when it does. Again as with all of these coverages please consult with our folks for specifics.

Medical Payments: Ever ask a friend for a favor to help you with a project at your home? What if they got hurt while they were trying to help you? Medical payments coverage can help ensure that person continues to be your friend.

Why Should I Choose The Insurance Connection?

As a standard agency, we don’t charge any fees, so you won’t have to come out of pocket for our services. We also have connections with dozens of major insurance carriers, giving you a healthy pool of candidates to choose from. Because we care more about your experience with us, our community and our client’s best interest you can rely on us to provide you with advice that is truthful, enlightening and useful. We will help you compare prices and policy features to ensure that you choose coverage options that are best suited for you.

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Affordable Renters Insurance Coverage Options